Web Hosting Singapore reviews – Unbiased Comparison


We did a comparison on the hosting services that are provided by companies in Singapore. The goal of this research is to find out which is the cheapest if you are on budget and which company offer the best hosting deals like unlimited diskspace or domain hosting. We are not able to test how reliable is hosting plan for each company, this comparison is purely based on prices and the details below which we felt is important. Take some time to understand each term before looking at the table.

Disk Space: of course the more the better

Prices per Period: We find out the prices for the shortest contract period, for example if the plan offer per month we shall extract the rates for per month else we go to the next shortest contract period like 3 months or 6 months etc. All prices are quoted in Singapore dollars.

Period: This is how long for that price

Hosted Domain: If you have multiple websites that you like to host, make sure you find one that is unlimited if possible

MySQL: You probably need MySQL for each website as even basic wordpress website need a MySQL. It baiscally should follow the number hosted domain. Some hosting companies offer unlimited domain but limited MySQL, just be extra careful.

Bandwidth: Most companies offer unlimited but there are some who charged for bandwidth as well.

We are not affiliated to any companies as you notice there are no affiliate links that we are trying to make profit from. This purely for your own research purpose if you are looking for hosting in Singapore.

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