The Biggest Blogshop directory in Singapore


BlogShopCity, one of the biggest blogshop directory in Singapore has recently revamped its website. Launched in 2009, after bearing the same look for the past 5 years, it has adopted a much cleaner look which is much easier navigate compared to the old site. One of the most key upgrade is, it is now Mobile Friendly, making it easier to view the blogshops in various sections.

Not every thing has changed, some things remain the same is how the blogshops are categorized in ladies fashion, men blog, bags, shoes, jeweleries, baby stuff and accessories.

BlogShopCity continue to remain free for all blogshop to advertise their blogshop in their directory. The only changes now is all postings are subject to approval of the moderator before they are made “live” on their forum. According to BlogShopCity, they are going to be more selectively over what is going to posted on their site. Any spammy content will not be allowed, this explain why they decided to moderate all posting now. If you are planning to advertise your blogshop, remember to post some photos and content of your blogshop.


There is also a Blogshop launch section where blogshop can post their latest launches. Whether you are a new or old blogshop looking for some publicity to sell your merchandise online. Advertise your blogshop for free today at BlogShopCity.


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