How to improve your SEO ranking in Singapore


Everyone wants to be on top of Google search ranking. For example, if you owned an internet marketing company in Singapore, you want your company to be listed on top when people is looking for SEO services. If your company is not listed in top 10 search result, it is likely that you will not going to get any business at all. The painful fact is statistics still show that top listings receives approximately 33% of the clicks. Also bear in mind that Google ranks website differently in different countries, for example if you are ranked number one in Singapore, it does not mean you will ranked the same in Malaysia. If your clients are all in Singapore, you should just focus SEO-ing in Singapore.

Let me share with you some tips I learned that any non-SEO experts can do, I shall try to simplify the entire SEO theory instead of boring you with terms such as SEM, SERP, SEO etc. etc.

Have People talking about you = Backlinking
If people are talking about your website on facebook, twitter, forums, social media. A good starting ground is to create a facebook fanpage and get people to talk about it. Forums is another great platform to get people to talk about your site. There are many popular forums in Singapore like Hardwarezone, cozycot,, Deluxemall etc. Do not spam as Google does not like it but provide quality backlink to your website.

Fresh, Specific and Quality Content Writing
To fully understand what we mean by the above, let us quote you an example. When we decided to write an article on top bloggers in Singapore to be featured here at HippoNetwork. We did not just titled the article top bloggers in Singapore, instead we added year 2015 at the end of the title and naming it “Top Beauty Bloggers in Singapore 2015” and “Most popular bloggers in Singapore 2015”. We want to be very specific on the type of bloggers and when. Try Googling it and you where these articles are placed on Google Search Result
SEO Singapore 1

The key is it is good to be specific, if you are a food blogger and want to write about the best Mee Pok in Singapore, don’t just title it “Best Mee Pok in Singapore”. Trying titling it “Best Mee Pok in Singapore 2015” or even more specific “Best Dry Mee Pok in Singapore 2015”.

Do not make the mistake of hiring cheap writers from freelance website and start a blog for your website. The problem in engaging a foreigner is he or she may not fully understand the terms used in Singapore like like Kiasu, Mee Pok, alamak etc. Make sure your content is localised and more importantly interesting. It is all about quality and not quantity.

Internal Linking
You may have heard of internal linking, but basically what it is all about is about keeping your reader on your website instead of moving out. If you are planning to selling Ad space on your website to advertiser, they will commonly ask you want is your page per visit or your bounce-rate. Page per visit is how many pages a visitor visit when they are in your website while bounce-rate means how many percent of the visitor actually visited one page then “bounce off”

Advertiser want a site that has high pageview per visit and low bounce-rate, to do that you must keep your reader interested. What you can do it what we call internal linking. An example of internal linking is having related posting and popular postings below your page. That way, your reader can continue reading other pages on your website

See below this page and you will fully understand what I mean.

SEO Singapore 2

On-site optimization
There are many aspect when it comes to optimizing your page. Few things that are we feel is very important are

  1. Make sure your website does not take too long time to load
  2. Make sure your website it is mobile friendly.
  3. Make sure it has proper Meta tag, description, title, sitemap etc.

You can check your SEO scoring by using the FREE SEO analysis tool below:

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If the following things does not make sense to you, get help from a SEO expert to help you.

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