Top Beauty Bloggers in Singapore 2015


If you owned a blog and you blog on topics related to food, beauty, fashion or lifestyle. How popular your blog is going to be boiled down to only thing and that is how well you ranked against other bloggers on Google.

To determine the “Top beauty bloggers in 2015”, we first analyze popular keywords that internet users probably use to search for these “beauty” bloggers. We did a comparison between the following search keywords by using Google Adword Tools. What Google Adword Tool does is basically generate the search volume for the following keywords. The higher search keywords volume the better it is. The search keywords we used are:

  • Food Bloggers Singapore
  • Beauty Bloggers Singapore
  • Fashion Bloggers Singapore
  • Lifestyle Bloggers Singapore

It is no surprised that food blogging came in top in Singapore as Singaporean just love to eat. We shall focus on Beauty, Fashion and lifestyle as food is not something we want to analyze, we basically used it as a gauge. From the following analysis, “Fashion” came in top over “Beauty”.


We then searched and extract these bloggers based on their ranking on Google by using “Beauty” and “Fashion” as part of the search keywords. Following display the bloggers ranking when we search “Beauty Bloggers Singapore” and “Fashion Bloggers Singapore”.

[table id=4 /]

From the above table, you will learn that both keywords feature and rank bloggers differently. Two things to take take note.

  1. There are more internet users using “Fashion” over “Beauty” in their keywords search in Singapore
  2. Bloggers that are listed on Google Search Result under “Beauty” did not even appear on “Fashion”. Only a few did appear under both keywords.

This search analysis is performed on the 21st Jan 2015, the search result may different today as Google changed its search algorithm  from time to time, the content of the blog also changes the SERP ( or Search engine results page). You may want to Google these keywords now to see how it compare from then.

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Click Here for the previous analysis on the top 50 most popular fashion bloggers in Singapore

You will be surprised to learn that XiaXue who is pop star blog diva in the “past” did not even make it to the list. Even the top 10 beauty blogger finalist from the Singapore Blog Awards 2012, less than half make it to the following list. We have just accept that harsh reality that blogger stardom is simply short-lived. If you are a popular blogger now and you are reading this, just make as much money today because tomorrow you may just be bumped down by from the SERP.


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