How to build a Multi-vendor shopping cart like Etsy using Magento


If you are thinking of building a multi-vendor shopping cart like Etsy, good news is you do not need to build it from scratch. If you are familiar with Magento, there are several modules available that allows you to build a Etsy-like shopping cart website.

Three of such popular modules that are commonly used to create a multi-vendor shopping cart websites are as follow.

All prices are quoted (in USD) is only basic module without any additional modules that you may require:

  1. Magento Marketplace Multi Vendor Module by Webkul, USD$349
  2. X-Multi-Vendor by Smartosc, USD$1,500
  3. uMarketplace Suite Multi-Vendor Marketplace by Unirgy, USD$1,650

Reviews and Recommendations:

Even though all three modules have its own strength, we recommended  Magento Marketplace Multi Vendor Module against the the other two modules to our clients. Reasons being:

  1. It is a simple module to be installed
  2. Prices are much cheaper compared to the other
  3. The strongest reason being it is priced much cheaper compared to the two more modules.
  4. Support is good, when we wrote to them, they responded almost immediately.

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