Social Media Marketing Tips for Property Agents in Singapore


In this modern internet age, real estate agents are slowly moving away from the traditional flyers to online marketing campaign via social media marketing. With are over 30,000 registered property agents in Singapore, to stand out among the rest is not an easy task. Some agents adopt offline marketing techniques by engaging door to door flyer distributors. Some set up make-shift tent and stand by the road under the hot sun. For online, most of these agents advertise their property listing via two major property classified websites in Singapore: PropertyGuru and IProperty. ST Property is another up and coming property classifieds in Singapore. There are many others who advertise their property listings for free at PropertyChitChat.Sg

Most agents paid and post their listings at these online property classified portals but fail to realise that there is simply more to it. They fail to leverage on one of the most popular online marketing tool in their campaign and that is via the social media.

What do you want to engage Social Networking Sites as a marketing tools
Engaging social media and networking website help you to build relationships, generate repeat business and lure new customers through “word of mouth”.

In this modern age, effective advertising is all about building relationship with your client. A banner or flyer helps to create awareness of your brand to your clients but it fail to give that personal touch that help to foster customer, relationship, loyalty, interaction and long-term engagement. Let’s take a quick look at traditional marketing vs. social media marketing.

 Traditional Marketing  Social Media Marketing
 Dominate the Market!  Create a Social Media Community within the Market
 Shout Out Loud  Listen, and then Whisper
 Me, Me, Me  Us, Us, Us
 PUSH the Product or Service  PULL in People with your Message/Story
 Advertising  Word of Mouth Social Marketing
 Control  Allow
 Nurture “Leads”  Nurture Relationships

What are some of the social networking sites you should engage in?

If you have not created a profile page and share your listings in the following social networking site then you should start doing it now.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedlin
  • Google+
  • Youtube
  • Pinterest

Other social networking sites you should engage in?

Forum marketing is another social medial marketing technique that allow you to interact with other like-minded members or help then with their problem and questions. The mistake that most forum marketer made is, they just advertise their services by copying and pasting the same old Advertising message everywhere. This not only get them banned and it does not help to build any rapport with their potential clients. To be effective, you should start engaging with the members by giving them sound advices, be their friends and an expert in this field.  

PropertyChitChat.Sg is one of the many property forum in Singapore

Social media marketing whether via social networking sites or forums provide business owners with a powerful tools for them to reach to thousands of prospects and clients at the click of a mouse. If you are not advertising yourself via Social Media Marketing yet, it a good time to consider starting now.

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