Online Marketing Tips for Small Businesses in Singapore


Online marketing is for every sort businesses in Singapore including SME (Small Medium Enterprise). You may be a cafe owner, a retailer or a website owner , online marketing if tuned correctly for your business may be the fastest and cost-effective way to reach the mass.

There are so many aspects when it comes to SEO in ensuring your website reach the top. In this article, we shall explore one of the most basic step for SEO and that is increasing your brand name via major social networking sites. Not only do you want to make sure no one else gets your Company name in these major websites, it is important that you “own” all the results on the first page of a search for your brand.

Social Networking Sites:

Share the latest news and announcement here like Sales and Promotion. Network with your clients

Video Sites:

Share videos of your company here

Photo-Sharing Sites:

Share photo of your company’s products here

If you have not grabbed your company name in this username profile for these major social networking websites. Make sure you do it today!


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