How much do digital advertising jobs pay in Singapore?


With shift in advertising trend these days and more companies engaged more digital advertising campaign as part of their marketing strategies. We see a sudden in demand for Digital Advertising Jobs in Singapore. This once sector that is dominated by women is seeing more men with the demand in more technical knowledge of the internet.

Data from the survey showed that inspite the increasing demand for such talents, the salary for such job remain low. The reason for that is vast supply of expert in such field and most company are hiring entry level employee to start their Online marketing plan. The male median salary is S$82,500 (US$65,700) while females only earn about S$60,000 (US$47,780). In general, general benefits also remain a low priority for most companies when comparing to industry standard as most of these companies are new start-up.

With the boom in marketing technology, many companies start to wonder whose responsibilities when it comes to digital marketing. Is it the IT department or the Marketing Department. As such companies are hiring junior executive with such knowledge to provide insight and to embarked digital marketing strategy for the company. Other companies may even outsource this entire digital marketing plan to an advertising companies to do it.

If you are seriously considering digital advertising as a career, do study your options and consider your future plan before making that decision.


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