5 simple Online Marketing Tips for wedding vendors in Singapore


Whether you are a wedding vendor that provide photography or make up or wedding car rental services, online advertising is one of the key advertising techniques adopted by many wedding businesses these days to create awareness of their businesses. If you are wondering how you can tap on this powerful marketing tools to reach to your potential clients online, following are 5 basic tips that you may wish to consider first:


Tip #1: Be Honest & Make Friends

Join a forum and online communities where your clients most likely to hang out. For example WeddingForum.Sg for Wedding couples planning their wedding or BabyForum.sg if you are targeting pregnant women. Start making friend and give them good advices.

Most vendors make the mistakes by copying and pasting their services from one section of forum to another section. Even though such advertising content help to create awareness by letting readers learn about your services, it may look spamming to many. The moderator of the forum may even consider removing the thread and have your account banned. I am not asking you not to do it , it is good by creating awareness but what it lack is it fail to build that personal connection with your potential clients. Banners are effective but “Cold” in nature

I once advised a wedding makeup artist to be truly effective when it comes to forum marketing; you need to engage your potential clients. You have to be hardworking by giving sound advices, reviews and recommendations to the members. If they ask simple questions like what sort of make-up is suitable for certain shape of face, be the one to explain to them why, how and where. You need to establish that personal relationship with the members online which I shall cover more on Tip #2

WeddingForum.Sg allow vendors to leave signature of their contact and website as long as the replies are not spammy



Tip #2: Word of “Net”

Traditionally, good reviews are spread by word of mouth. These days, the online concept of Word of mouth has converted to word of Net. People turn to review sites and forum to find out about certain company. Such comments and reviews are just as powerful as Word of mouth. If the reader like what he like to read, he will engage the services and if the reviews are bad, he may not consider at all. That is why I always say social media marketing is a double sword. You can either kill or get killed by it however shutting away from it is never an option.

We should always embrace compliments and at the same time manage bad review professionally. The key thing is to ensure that complaints are well address by the management. If you do not know what I mean, just take a look at how Tripadvisor does it.

trust puzzle


Tip 3 : Build a Trustworthy Website and Start a Blog

Create a Website: This is where you advertise your company, services, contact etc. It is important you create a trustworthy website by providing contact number, address or your business registration. If you are a wedding photographer, include some wedding portfolio. Do the same if you are a wedding makeup artist. Create a professional looking website as first impression counts. Avoid flash and keep the navigation simple.

Start a Blog : Content is king and Google loves it. On daily or weekly basis provide fresh content to your blog, these are not necessary marketing content for your company but more general content or tips. For example: Top 10 outdoor photography locations in Singapore or the wedding makeup trend these days.


Tip #4: Be Seem Everywhere

Advertise your services, company everywhere and anywhere possible in Singapore

Social Network: Joined Facebook, Twitter, Lindedlin, Google+, Youtube and Pinterest.

Directory: Joined free localised directory in Singapore like Hotfrog, eguide etc.

Forum: Joined WeddingForum.Sg

Classifieds: Advertise your services at Classifieds site like WEddingForum.Sg, Locanto, Gumtree, craigslist, olx.com.sg, 88db


How to Address Bad Online Reviews 

Did someone leave a bad reviews on your business? Click Here to find out what to do


Tip #5 : Make sure the technical part is ok – Mobile + Speed + Simple

With more and more users adopting smartphone, it is important to create a site that is mobile friendly. Loading Speed is also important because if it takes more than 5 seconds to load a site, it is likely you will lose the clients.

Hosting in Singapore is good but may not be always the fastest. There are many factors involved as some hosting companies over load their servers so at times hosting overseas may be faster.

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