Why do blogshops fail


In the past few years, we see a sudden blogshop trend and culture in Singapore. The biggest moviating factor behind this trend , it is amount of money you can potentially earn from selling clothings, shoes and many other stuff online. It does not require a huge capital compared to a brick and motar stores making the barrier of entry extremely low as the cost of setting up an online store is close to zero. As we see the online shopping space crowded with blogshops, we also see many of these blogshops failed eventually.

In this article, we explored several reason why do so many blogshops failed in Singapore?

Nothing Unique
If you are selling the same product as the other blogshop owners then you are just like any other blogshops. Most of these blogshops get from the same source.

Poor design of the online shop
If you site is hard to navigate due to poor design. Most of these sites used free hosting blog like livejournal or blogspot. Such Blogging platform may not be the most optimize when it comes to creating an online shopping platform

Lack of Marketing
Creating an online store can be cheap but it is no use if no one visit your store. Online marketing and SEO is an expensive job.

No Payment facilities and other features
Online purchase should be an easy procedure but with the lack of payment features or shipment status. It makes it hard for your customers to buy from you

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