Digital Advertising Course in Singapore


If you are interested in becoming an online marketer in Singapore. Following are some schools that provide Digital Advertising course in Singapore

Diploma (Conversion) in Digital Advertising Technology & Analytics (PCD) by Temasek Polytechnic

Temasek Polytechnic
21 Tampines Avenue 1
Singapore 529757
Telephone: (65) 6780 5158

Course Name : Diploma (Conversion) in Digital Advertising Technology & Analytics (PCD)

Duration : 1 year

Course Fee:

  • Workfare Training Scheme (WTS): $170*
  • SME-Coy sponsored Singapore Citizens: $340**
  • Singapore Citizens: $500^
  • Singapore Citizen
  • (Subsequent Diploma (Coversion)):$1000^
  • Singapore PRs: $1,330^^
  • Others : $3,310

(inclusive of GST)

Minimum Entry Requirements

  • The minimum entry requirement is a Polytechnic diploma.
  • Holders of other equivalent academic qualifications from foreign institutions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Course Synopsis

The course aims to produce skilled creative technologists who are able to support the technical demands of the Digital Advertising industry, and who are able to acquire knowledge and skills relevant to their profession.

Graduates of the course should be able to:

a) understand and apply digital marketing concepts and techniques to digital marketing campaigns;
b) understand the data collection and analysis techniques used by digital marketers to gather, store and create information from large data sets;
c) understand the application of mobile platforms to the development and deployment of digital advertising applications and services;
d) apply search engine marketing techniques to online campaigns, and optimise web sites for search engine visibility and ranking.
Integrated Digital Marketing Strategies by Marketing institute of singapore (MIS)

Marketing institute of singapore (MIS)
Tel: 6411 1700

Course Name: Integrated Digital Marketing Strategies


15–16 Jul 2013

7–8 Nov 2013

Course Fees: S$680 (subject to 7% GST)

Course Outline:
Introduction to Digital Marketing

  • The ever changing world of digital

Assessing the Channels & Technologies

  • What is your campaign objective?
  • Using different tools for branding, lead generation, acquisition, promotions, etc.

Demographics of Your Customer

  • What are people doing online and when?
  • Examine demographics and segmentation
  • How does online compare to other forms of media consumption?
  • The Digital Marketing Toolbox
  • Assessing digital tools and the opportunities available to marketers for tools with a focus on:

Display advertising
Search engine marketing (SEM)
Search engine optimisation(SEO)
Landing Page & Website Optimisation
Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) marketing
Social & Viral Marketing
Mobile Marketing

  • Integrating the marketing mix – What is the right mix?

Internet Campaign and Media Strategy

  • Planning, budgeting, measuring and analysing
  • Key steps in media planning and buying
  • Planning tools and key metrics used to analyse campaign effectiveness, return on investment and optimising campaign conversion

Creative Strategy: Case Studies

  • Review a series of case studies showcasing the best of the best

Designing for the User Experience

  • Learn the basics of good information architecture,design and the basic rules of usability and usability testing

Campaign Brief

  • Participants develop and present a hypothetical campaign brief through group work.
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