Why many Blogshops failed in Singapore


Can blogshops in Singapore really make big money? We have heard and read blogshop making $30,000 a month, but can blogshop in Singapore really make that sure of money. Maybe it is true if you are the top five most popular blogshops here but the truth is most blogshop fails. Instead of writing how to succeed with your blogshop in Singapore, in this article we shall explore why so many of these online businesses failed.


Lack of Client Confidence

Client confidence, when shopping online, is a lot lower than the confidence they have when purchasing items offline. Why? It is because shoppers could not see, smell or touch the items that they will be purchasing-unlike in offline retail shops. Sometimes, they are overwhelmed with doubts. They question the authenticity of the post and the product, the price, the delivery date and the payment mode. You cannot actually blame them for feeling this way because there are shops out there that are not true to their word thus creating distrust among shoppers.

High Price Tags

Online prices should always be lower than shop retailers but due to the lack of volume compared to giant retailers like Zara or H&M, some blogshops are forced to price the items higher. Empirical evidences show that if your shop sells items that are expensive (more than $100 per item), you would definitely have fewer clients buzzing around your shop. When the price gets more than $100, shoppers usually feel more confident spending it on offline retail shops to make sure they get the best of out of it.

Lack of Uniqueness

It is a fact that there are thousands of blogshops that are in operation today. With this in mind, you have to set your shop above others. Be creative and unique. However most blogshop buy from the same distributor (eg. Platinum Mall) in Thailand, China and Korea. As a result it is just a matter of prices that differentiate one blogshop from the other.

Lack of Online and Offline Marketing

Many thought they after creating a beautiful online store, people will start streaming to their online store. However they eventually learned withouth online and offline marketing, many are not even aware of their internet presence. If there is no traffic, how can you expect to have any customers knocking your door, not to mention buying?

How to build a successful online store in Singapore

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