How to start a successful online business in Singapore


If the retail rental fee in Singapore getting higher each year, Shop retailers are slowly moving their business online to downsize their retail space to reduce overhead cost in running their business. With the advanced in technology that make high speed internet access possible whether you are home or outside with your mobile smartphone, more and more consumers are turning to online shopping as well these days.

If you are planning to start an online business, following are a couple of tips that you may want to consider to adopt:


Tip #1: Do you have Time and Resources to Run the online business?

You have to think about your market, the items you will be selling, the time you have to allot to run your shop every day, the resources that you need, your motivation and your technical knowledge about blogging and its different techniques.

Tip #2: Do you have enough Money?

Second, start up your own blogshop. If you do not have a deep pocket, you can start off by availing free web hosting services or platforms such as WordPress or Blogspot. The disadvantage of this type of platform is that there are tons of limitations. Here, you cannot customize your website or maybe use plugins to increase the capabilities of your blogshop. On the other side, if you have an allotted budget for a paid platform, you can avail one. There are a lot of great platforms online that you can sign up on (like Shopify, 3D Cart, Volusion, Big Commerce etc.). The advantages of having a paid platform are almost bottomless. Examples are support in branding, enhanced blogshop capabilities, more plugins, more templates, more updates and the list goes on.

Tip #3: Keep it Simple!

Third, keep the online store design simple and easy to the eyes. This will make your website look neat and at the same time easy to navigate. You can ask your friend or maybe seek a professional advice (most of them ask for a fee) to help you out with your blog design. As you get more experience and increase your budget, you can enhance it later on by outsourcing web designer to make it look even more professional.

Tip #4: Pictures of your Sales Item  

Fourth, always upload the picture of your products. You sell your products through their picture. If the quality of the picture is poor (blurry or pixilated), your clients would think that you are selling low quality items.  However, if you post clear and large images that will help clients imagine your products, there is a great chance that you can get them lining up for your items. Also, put a description below the photo. The description should be short, clear and accurate because not all clients have the luxury of reading long descriptions.

Tip #5: Market your online store

Lastly, it is important to give a description about you and your shop. On your bogshop, you should have a column that would talk about you and your business. Here, you should include your contact number, how will your client pay, the process of availing purchases and other things that will make your clients feel you.

These are some tips and ideas that can help to kickstart a successful online business with your blogshop.

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