How to build an ecommerce website with zero dollars in Singapore


When popular blogshops like Love Bonito, Agneselle, Hollyhoque or Dressabelle started their online blogshop business in Singapore, they did not engage expensive software developer to develop an ecommerce platform. In this article, we shall show you how you can start a simple ecommerce without paying a single cent.

The paid options, first there are many the shopping cart scripts that are available in market today. Some of the popular ones include Magneto, opencart, magento, prestashop or oscommerce. These are mature shopping cart scripts that are used by many developers all over the world. Developers in Singapore can charged as much as $20,000 to build a full-pledged ecommerce store with these scripts.

If web development is not your cup of tea and you do not have $20,000 to forkout, you can always look for a quick and easy option and that is using hosted ecommerce solution. There is many such hosted ecommerce solution out there that allow you to create a shopfront and upload the stuff you want to sell within minutes. Some of the popular ones include Shopify (recently partnered with Singtel), Volusion, 3D cart and BigCommerce. Such ecommerce hosting solution can cost as low as $19 per month.


The Free options. Use WordPress or Blogspot to build your ecommerce store. Besides the fact that it is free, WordPress is a powerful open source blogging tool and a content management system that is used by many to build ecommerce store. All you need to is to include a payment plugin and look for a shopping cart theme as your storefront. If you not familiar with coding, you can find many developers that can do for you as little as $300 in Singapore. It is an easy blogging tool that can easily convert to an ecommerce website at no cost at all.

Click here to learn how to use WordPress to create your Ecommerce website within 30 minutes

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