How to build a successful online store in Singapore


The advancement in technology has brought entrepreneurs in Singapore closer to their market. The availability of computers, smartphones, tablets and Internet among users has helped online retailer reached to a wider audiences with the establishment of blogshops or online shops possible. Here, small and big online retailers can connect with thousands of clients from Singapore and all over the world and run their business 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

The presence of online shops has revolutionized the way people buy their things or maybe, look for the things they want. It provided a medium for busy people to find a specific item or bargain hunter looking for some cheap deals online . In the virtual world, one can automatically shop any time and anywhere because shops do not close.

Online Shops or blogshops come in many forms such as fashion shop, furniture shop, food shop and the list goes on. Just like its offline counterparts, online shops offer variety of products with different price range.

Establishing your own blogshop, to earn and share your passion for things, is an easy breezy thing to do. If you want one, simply note the following tips to help you succeed in the virtual market. Following are few tips to adopt if you are planning to start an online store in Singapore

  • Think long term. You should know what is the purpose of your shop, the items you will be selling, the demand of your products (can it run for a long time?), your target market and how will you run your business. Running a blogshop is time consuming thus you should have the time it requires or else, everything will be thrown off the trash.
  • Professional Online Storefront. Invest on your site as first impression counts. When selling items online, you need to post their images so that your clients will have a solid idea on how your merchandises look like. Also make sure your website looks professional and is easy to navigate. With most Singaporean having a smart phone or tablets, make sure your site is mobile friendly.
  • Variety of stocks. To make your shop interesting and to keep your clients buzzing around your merchandises, provide them with a wide range of items to talk about. You can buy local products or go international just to give your clients something to look forward to when visiting your site. This, of course, depends on your budget and time. Be wise and creative.
  • Mailing List and Email Marketing, create a mailing list to inform your clients of the upcoming launch, it is important to establish an intimate relationship with your client. Use an established emailing marketing tool like Constant Contact, iContact or Vertical Response to make sure your email does not go to the junk box
  • Response time There will be a time that hundreds of clients will be asking you questions that you need to answer immediately (if not, they might think you’re a snob and just looking after their money) and tons of items to wrap for shipping. You cannot do these things alone. To smoothly run your business, seek for help. You can hire an assistant for this or maybe ask your family or friends to help you out.
  • Offline marketing. Take part in flea market and establish your brand offline.
  • SEO and online Marketing. If you are not able to do it, engage a professional to do it

These are the things that can help you out succeed if you are planning to open an online store anytime soon.

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