Comparison between Shopify, Volusion and BigCommerce


When starting an online shop, you have to have a solid shopping cart system. There are a lot of shopping cart systems available in the market today that can be used by novice or expert virtual entrepreneurs. Choosing the right system is vital in achieving success in the strict competition that exists in the virtual world.  Even experts in web development admit that even the most basic platform can cause enormous disasters.

Platforms like Magento and Prestashop are quite difficult to set-up and configure. Most of the time, website owners or developers prefer all-in-one Ecommerce platform to simply automate majority (if not all) of the processes that a business has so that owners can concentrate on a more important task.  There are three platforms that are very popular to amateur developers or professionals alike. These platforms are Shopify, Volusion and BigCommerce. This article will talk about the outstanding features of these platforms to help every aspiring virtual entrepreneur choose the best among the rest!

Comparison between Shopify, Volusion and BigCommerce:


Shopify is proven to be user friendly and can be installed easily. It is like working in WordPress. It has tons of features that can be easily applied and configure. It boasts its drag and drop function that permits every user to configure product pages and collections without getting a headache. It makes use of the same principle as with social networks thus one can easily publish articles and blog posts for marketing purposes (This makes Shopify a full pledged CMS and shopping cart). For payments, Shopify makes use of Paypal, Google Checkout and every major credit card lines as a way to receive and give out payments (these are actually set by default). Shopify is very responsive, secure and stable at all times.

Shopify has robust SEO tools that make branding and promotion hassle free. It feature keyword tag suggestion utilities and XML sitemap engine that can make your website visible to surfers. The more visible you get, the better are your chances of increasing the traffic to your site. Furthermore, Shopify is very proud to have the following: automated backups, 128-bit SSL encryption and stellar Content Delivery Network. You do not have to worry about your website (be it small or large) and the data it carries. Shopify will take good care of them. Lastly, Shopify gives out updates for free to its users every now and then (e.g. Free Shipping coupons) to make sure that the platform is in line with current trends and developments.


Volusion (written in ASP.NET) is a Windows-based platform that is both powerful and user-friendly. Like Shopify and BigCommerce, Volusion simplify back-end codes and makes site administration very easy. It is known for its one-page checkout format. It manages all SSL security details effectively as well as processes the payment for you. This will surely keep off work headaches away from you all the time! Also, it is 100% PCI compliant, backed up by CDN (which is running on Akamai network) and highlights unlimited product listings that assures every user of its reliability under any circumstances.

Volusion boasts its vZoom resizing feature, which has the capability to resize images. This allows potential customers to see clearly every item being sold. Moreover, it has a built-in product comparison tool that can help every potential customer decide on which item to buy. With such, Volusion is indeed ahead of its counterparts when it comes to converting potential customers to income generating ones. It is also equipped with an intelligent inventory tracking system (powered by SmartMatch technology) for proper stock monitoring; has an advanced analytics, has ROI tracking system and a lot of SEO tools that can help the website rank high in search engines.


BigCommerce (written in PHP) is very easy to use especially to those who have experience working with LAMP stack. Unlike with Shopify (uses Liquid codes), users who have a good knowledge on CSS and HTML codes can easily modify or customize the look of their website through applying the said codes. Also, BigCommerce provides about a 100 layout templates for its users to choose from. The default drag and drop function makes the customization easy breezy at all time. One way to get design inspirations when using BigCommerce is through its live demo page.

Bigcommerce is backed up by a comprehensive mobile support system that allows the website to look fit and great in Android phones or iPad tablets. Furthermore, it automatically combines all product photos and put them in a gallery. You do not have to worry about doing email-marketing strategies manually because this platform automates it.

The two big things with BigCommerce are its capability to save unfinished transactions or abandoned cart information and support for different payment options that use different currencies (indeed a true global platform!). The platform also has default SEO capabilities thus there is no need to worry about ranking high in the different search engines.

These are the differences of the three popular eCommerce platforms. Choose the best that can help you out in starting your business online

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