Advantages of using Shopify for your online store


In this era where Ecommerce tends to overflow with success stories, more and more people are transferring their goods and services in the virtual world. To effectively run an online business, one should have a platform to work on. There is actually a long list of platforms that can be availed or used (depending on budget and preferences) but the most opted one is Shopify.

Amidst all the negative reviews about Shopify, this platform still ranked high (consistent top ten) as one of the most preferred Ecommerce solution provider that helps novice or experienced shop owners succeed in the competitive virtual market.


Following are some key advantages of using Shopify

Applications and themes. The best thing about Shopify is that it has more than 200 applications and themes. These can be plugged in and used to customize or modify the look and function of a website. Also, the vast choice of applications gives every website from every industry a distinct look.

In Shopify, you do not have to hire a web designer and spend dollars for the service fee. It has a team of experts that can help you build your own online shop and secure it for long-term use. Moreover, the Shopify team will be the one to take care of the SSL certificates, hardware security and data back up so that you can focus and do more important tasks.

Affordable Cost. Shopify offers different plans that can meet the different levels and needs of shop owners.  It has a basic plan, professional plan and even unlimited plan. Every plan has its own price and it is paid on a monthly basis. A Shopify plan may cost you around $24 a month, which is very affordable if compared to other Ecommerce providers that charge almost $500 a month! Aside from the monthly plan payment, Shopify also asks for a reasonable 2% transaction fee from its users. This percentage is one of the lowest fees that can be availed in the market as of today. Since Shopify is a hosted solution, users can take advantage of its free web-hosting services as well!


User Friendly Interface for non-technology savvy users. Shopify has a simple set-up process. Here, you just have to make an account (like in other websites) and then start selling your items. You can get your business running in just a few clicks!

Administration. Novice shop owners or platform users can easily find their way through the platform. The administration panel gives all the direction you need. Features are also made available to make all transactions easy such as managing orders and adding items for sale. Unlike with other shopping carts that require weeks of practice and study before you can get accustomed to it.

Simple updating process. Since Shopify is a hosted solution, every update in the core will automatically reflect on every website. Unlike with other shopping cart solutions wherein you have to update your own website manually every time there is a new version. Furthermore, Shopify offers every update free of charge unlike with its competitors that charge some fee for it.

Marketing strategies. Shopify applies the same marketing strategies as with other social networks (This simply the process of marketing your own products). You can simply search for the application you need on the App store, which is integrated within the profile of the platform user.

These are reasons why Shopify tends to rank high among the numerous Ecommerce solutions. If you want to set your journey in the virtual world, try Shopify and see the differences it can do for you!

Key Disadvantages of using Shopify for your online business

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