6 useful tips to a Successful BlogShop in Singapore


If you want to succeed in managing your blogshop, simply follow these simple ideas that could help you boost your sales and maintain your shop in the virtual market.


First, post clear images. The quality of the images you post can affect your sales. If you have clear and big pictures that highlight the features of your products, floating clients would definitely be attracted to it and buy it. Clients who only see blurry and small images will not trust the item for sale- even to the point of going out of the shop and try other shops. To make your items pleasing to the eyes and help make your clients imagine clearly your items, you have to have a model. If you sell clothes, get a model to try them out and take their picture. Remember, a disadvantage of online shopping is that your clients could not physically assess your products. You need to over come this problem as much as possible.

Second, update your stocks and your clients. Having a long list of new and interesting products that your clients can check on. This will motivate them to go back on your shop every day. Having a bulk of clients floating around your shop will increase your chance of selling your items. Do not forget to inform your clients (old and new) if you have new stocks, freebies or discounts on hand. You can do this by sending them emails to notify them of such. This strategy will help your clients feel they are important.

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Third, provide a detailed description on every product you sell. Do not put flowery words when describing your products. It is best to put simple and direct description on every item. Your clients would not have the luxury of time to read lengthy descriptions. When the item is color blue, say “BLUE”. Remember, the lighting set-up of some cameras can change the color of the material. Example, some items look violet on screen even if they are blue. Always remember to highlight the size, color and price of your items.

Fourth, send every sold item on time. Do not get your clients waiting. If you promised to send the items within the day, send them today. Also, inform your clients of the arrival date. Be sure to double check the items and wrap them in a presentable way.

Fifth, always deal with your clients nicely. If they have questions, answer them as soon as possible. Do not answer them after two or three days because this will give a bad impression on your services and would make them feel you are not interested having them around.

Sixth, advertise your shop. You will not increase the traffic on your site if you will simply put it up. You have to advertise. Send email to your friends or write about your shop in social networking sites and add link to it that will direct interested clients to your shop.
Last but not the least is open a bank account. Choose banks that are very popular so that your clients would not have hard time paying for their purchases.

These are the ways that can help you out succeed in your journey as a blogshop owner. These are not a one-time guideline for success. You can still meet problems along the way. Just be wise and creative in managing them.

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