Why Targeted Advertising is more effective


Following is an example to explain why targeted advertising is more effective.

John is a Wedding Photographer and he like to advertise his wedding photography services in Singapore.

Advertising Choices

John’s First choice is ABC forum, ABC Forum is a popular ladies forum in Singapore. It has over 500,000 visits per month, visitors of different age, income, occupation etc. in Singapore. Other that covering topics such as beauty, fashion, gourmet, health, pregnancy, it has a small section dedicated for wedding discussion. Even though the traffic for ABC Forum is high, John is concerned as only a small portion of these visitors to ABC Forum are those he wish to target.

John’s Second choice is XYZ forum which is a popular International bridal forum. The discussion at XYZ forum is all about wedding and that is related to the services he wish to provide. Unfortunately, the visitors to XYZ forum is an international crowd and the clients that he wish to target are Singaporean.

John’s Third choice is WeddingForum.SgWeddingForum.Sg is a popular wedding forum in Singapore with over 50,000 visits per month.  Even though the traffic is much lesser compared to ABC and XYZ forum but he feel that most of the visitors are people he wish to target are there –  Couples that are planning to get married in Singapore.

Why John choose WeddingForum.sg over ABC and XYZ Forum

Even though ABC and XYZ has much higher traffic compared to WeddingForum.SgWeddingForum.Sg is a much better platform for John as the visitors are mostly John’s targeted audience.

Why  Targeted Advertising is more effective

Advertisers, like John, can now reach users who are interested in their products and services.

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