Training: WordPress Basic Course


We provideĀ  basic to intermediate wordpress training classes for anyone who is interested to start a blog or an online blog shop

These training classes are conducted both in small classroom of 4 to 6 or customised based on your needs. Email us at [email protected] if you will like to attend our upcoming 2-3 days workshop or if you like us to arrange for a customized training!

The aim of this training course is to help you learn how to create and maintain your own professional looking website at the end of the training period. The objective of this training is to allow you to create and maintain your wordpress website.

You do not need to have any programming background and there will not be much programming knowledge needed to learn

BASIC WORDPRESS TRAINING (Two to Three days Course)
You will learn how to create, maintain and update your WordPress Website.
Suitable for:training2x2

  • People who want to start a blog or blog shop
  • People who have little knowledge on programming
  • People who wish to understand the basic of WordPress


  • Comfortable using a computer, mouse, and keyboard
  • Know how to access the Internet, use e-mail, and use a web browser to access web pages

Some activities which we will do:

  • Basic introduction to WordPress
  • Exploring the WordPress dashboard
  • Playing around with Tools and Settings
  • Intro to Media Library, Pages and Posts
  • How to install your Theme
  • Basics of Theme Options
  • Basics of Shortcodes
  • How to control your menu items
  • Basics of how plugins work
  • How to search for Plugins
  • How to install Plugins
  • How to manage Plugins

At the end of this training course you:

  1. Will have a functioning WordPress website (test site) and blog.
  2. Understand the difference between a website and blog.
  3. Know how to add pages and posts.
  4. Understand and be able to use the inbuilt editor.
  5. Understand themes and plugins.
  6. Know how to change themes
  7. Know how to add plugins.
  8. Be able to navigate the control panel and make basic changes.
  9. Understand widgets and how to add/change them.
  10. Understand how to Install WordPress and the hosting requirements.

Optional Part

At the end of this lesson, you shall create an online shopping website as follow

Please email us at [email protected] for the upcoming workshop or private class

How to create ecommerce website using wordpress in 30 minutes


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