How to start a Blog Shop business in Singapore


Are you looking for ways to start a blog shop in Singapore? Do you have what it takes to do this online business? Following are some questions You Need to Consider First:

  • What exactly your market is targeting?
  • How are you compared to other existing blog shops in Singapore?
  • Is your shop going to be a niche type?
  • What are your products you are planning to sell?
  • Where are you going to source your items to sell?
  • Will you be able and have the time to manage it online?
  • Do you have sufficient resources?
  • Are you prepared to encounter different risk factors?
  • Do you have the technical known how to create a website as your store front?
  • Are you technically well-versed about site promotion (like SEO)? (For example, picking the right kind of website which can help you promote your own)

If you can answer the above-mentioned questions clearly and precisely, then you should proceed with your aim to start a blogshop in Singapore. Take note that this kind of business believes that when you are into it, you simply don’t know what you are going to get. Success and risk are a part of this business, so you should not only have the knowledge and skill to work things out but the courage and the heart, too.

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Steps to Set Your Blogshop

1. The first thing you need to consider is to find the right web hosting provider. These services are available in different platforms and often offer free services as well. Two of the popular web hosting providers includes and And if you have enough budget, try to find professional web hosting services that simply abound everywhere today. There are many cheap web hosting companies around and most

2. The next step to help you start a blogshop is brainstorming about your blogshop’s name. When deciding for a name, make sure that the name itself should represent your shop. It’s simply this way: “Singapore Topnotch Perfumes” instead of “Paris Topnotch Perfumes” even when your products all came from Paris. Since your shop is in Singapore, its name should carry the name of your country. (Check for the availability of the name)

3. Layouting and designing your online shop is the next step. Someone who knows web designing can help you realize the design concept for your shop. Simplicity is the key and you should avoid elaborate layouts and designs.

4. Upload photos. These are the photos of your products and they should be high in quality and shouldn’t be pixilated. Poor product photos can make people turn away.

5. Writing something about yourself is the final step to start a blogshop. Include your contact details too as people who have come to your shop would simply want to know who the seller is.

Sourcing of your Goods locally and Overseas
Many blog shop owners in Singapore get their goods at City Plaza. If you budget you may consider Platinum Plaza at Bangkok, Thailand for a much better bargain.

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