What Are The Benefits of Social Media Marketing?


Social media dominates. This can be attested by the fact that more and more businesses worldwide spend a great deal of resources to establish their presence in social media, hoping to create brand awareness among users and in turn convert such awareness to sales. Social media marketing as an element of business success is inevitable not only because social media sites have the innate power to attract users but also because of the ubiquitous nature of the internet itself. The way therefore for businesses is to utilize this powerful tool as a complement to their other marketing programs or strategies. The following are some of the benefits of using social media in any marketing campaign:


1. Global Reach. The inclusive nature of social media sites is one among the many factors that attract users worldwide. As such, these sites are a powerful channel for targeting not only local but also global consumers, and because of this, any company cannot resist nor deny the potential of a marketing campaign conducted through social media. Upstart businesses, especially, will greatly benefit from this character of social media.


2. Specific Niches. Instead of spending your precious financial resources on an advert that is too general to begin with, social media has the advantage of enabling you to create a targeted campaign. This brings with it the benefit that you are directing your message to a group of people who you know is really interested with your products or services.


3. Free Exposure. While you can opt to buy ads in some social media sites, the traditional methods of building up your social media presence typically does not bring with it an attendant financial cost. The only cost, if ever, will be in terms of your time. Needless to say, publishing updates through social media and participating in online forums takes time and a lot of effort, but it is nevertheless an effort worth to take considering that it can potentially produce great results without any monetary costs.


4. Acquisition  & Development of Loyal Customers. Surveys indicate that a strong social media presence has the capacity to create a base of loyal fans and customers. This is so because the targeted exposure reaches the right people who share the same interests and further associates those interests with particular products or services, provided of course that the company involved with such products or services take the effort of associating with such a target market through a niche marketing campaign.


5. Expertise Establishment & Reputation Management. Participation in social media platforms such online forums also enable you to establish an expertise in a given niche, which translates to a good online reputation. Associating this expertise and reputation with your products and services is a great deal of a free advert by itself.


The benefits discussed above are just some of the gains that can be obtained in using social media as a marketing platform. Certainly, there are other benefits, but these are the most prominent. Suffice it to say, social media marketing, online forums, as well as digital advertising brings with it many advantages that cannot be obtained from traditional advertising campaigns.


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