How to Benefit from Top Social Media Sites in Singapore


Social media is becoming more and more important for Singapore businesses. This is attested by the fact that the country is playing host to the 2013 Social Media Week, a global summit that aims to explore the cultural, social, and economic impact of social media. This event aims at helping people and organizations connect with each other by a collaborative effort of sharing ideas and information. With such an important event, Singapore social media has indeed reached a point where it is considered a crucial element for business success.


How can businesses in Singapore possibly benefit from social media? The fact is that emerging technologies have altered the way people communicate and interact with each other, and social media has made possible the sharing of information and ideas across cultural and geographical boundaries. This means that it is possible to reach out to audiences in a global scale from any particular location in the world. For Singaporean businesses, it means an even stronger presence in the global business community than it now currently enjoys.


Leveraging on social media platforms bring about an opportunity for creating a marketing campaign that can produce optimal results that is otherwise not possible within the boundaries of the traditional methods of advertising and marketing. This is due to the fact that in social media, the audiences are highly targeted. Different people establish online groups based on shared interest and ideas, such as in online forums. Because a single forum represents a particularly specific niche, a social media marketing program can then be aimed towards a particular group by associating with their interest. This kind of a marketing campaign has a great potential for building up a loyal base of customers, since any message that shares their interest will be considered as authoritative or trustworthy at least.


For businesses, such an approach to marketing will typically cost nothing in terms of financial outlay that is common with traditional advertising. If at all it incurs monetary costs, such as when a business hires social media marketing professionals to build up their online presence across different social media sites and platforms, the cost would nevertheless be far lower than it would be in traditional marketing. In other words, the benefits that can be obtained in using social media as a channel for a marketing campaign is far way greater than the cost it may demand.


What sites are worth to consider in placing a social media campaign? Among different sites, Facebook seems to enjoy the highest popularity among users worldwide. This is followed by LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter, and Digg. There are also various forum sites that cater to different interest groups. Since these different sites have features that are site-specific, a marketing campaign should also be formulated that considers these features to gain the most benefit. A strategy that you might be able to use in Facebook, for example, may not be as effective in MySpace. The point is that you have to tailor your approach depending on the site as well as your target audience in order to gain the most benefit.

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