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6 useful tips to a Successful BlogShop in Singapore

If you want to succeed in managing your blogshop, simply follow these simple ideas that could help you boost your sales and maintain your shop in the virtual market. First, post clear images. The quality of the images you post can affect your sales. If you have clear and big pictures that highlight the features […]

Why many Blogshops failed in Singapore

Can blogshops in Singapore really make big money? We have heard and read blogshop making $30,000 a month, but can blogshop in Singapore really make that sure of money. Maybe it is true if you are the top five most popular blogshops here but the truth is most blogshop fails. Instead of writing how to […]

How to start a successful online business in Singapore

If the retail rental fee in Singapore getting higher each year, Shop retailers are slowly moving their business online to downsize their retail space to reduce overhead cost in running their business. With the advanced in technology that make high speed internet access possible whether you are home or outside with your mobile smartphone, more […]

Shopify or create your own Ecommerce website in Singapore?

Shopify or create your own Ecommerce website for your Blogshop in Singapore? With the recent partnership between Singtel and Shopify, many blogshop owners start to wonder if they should build their own Ecommerce website or Shopify. This include many brick-to-motar businesses that are thinking of creating an online platform to market and sell their products […]

How to build an ecommerce website with zero dollars in Singapore

When popular blogshops like Love Bonito, Agneselle, Hollyhoque or Dressabelle started their online blogshop business in Singapore, they did not engage expensive software developer to develop an ecommerce platform. In this article, we shall show you how you can start a simple ecommerce without paying a single cent. The paid options, first there are many […]

How to create ecommerce website using wordpress in 30 minutes

Online or Blogshop shopping is a popular trend in Singapore today. In this free training, we shall show you how easy you can create a simple online blogshop or store with ecommerce function within 30 minutes. Following is the an ecommerce website that is completely build using WordPress: http://www.bagorganizershop.com   Before you start: 1. You […]

Comparison between Shopify, Volusion and BigCommerce

When starting an online shop, you have to have a solid shopping cart system. There are a lot of shopping cart systems available in the market today that can be used by novice or expert virtual entrepreneurs. Choosing the right system is vital in achieving success in the strict competition that exists in the virtual […]

Advantages of using Shopify for your online store

In this era where Ecommerce tends to overflow with success stories, more and more people are transferring their goods and services in the virtual world. To effectively run an online business, one should have a platform to work on. There is actually a long list of platforms that can be availed or used (depending on […]

How to build a successful online store in Singapore

The advancement in technology has brought entrepreneurs in Singapore closer to their market. The availability of computers, smartphones, tablets and Internet among users has helped online retailer reached to a wider audiences with the establishment of blogshops or online shops possible. Here, small and big online retailers can connect with thousands of clients from Singapore […]

Key Disadvantages of using Shopify for your online business

In the competitive world of Ecommerce, Shopify tends to rank high amongst its competitors. If you like to start an online business in Singapore using Shopify, all it cost is $19 a month and you will have an online store front within an hour. It is reasonable price to pay if you want to start […]

Shopify review, is it the right solution for your blogshop?

Shopify is becoming a popular option in Singapore these days for anyone who want to deploy their online store within a short frame of time. In this article, we shall explore the advantages and disadvantages for using Shopify for your online store. Pros Wide range of templates. Shopify collaborates with experienced designers to help create […]

Types of Targeted Advertising Segment

HippoNetwork allowed advertisers more accurately targeted by segmenting our network of sites as follow: Demographic Targeting consumers based on: age, gender, socioeconomic category, occupation, Income Geographic Targeting audiences in a given location: country, region, city Time-based Delivering advertising messages at relevant periods of the year or on relevant days or times of day for maximum […]

Why Targeted Advertising is more effective

Following is an example to explain why targeted advertising is more effective. John is a Wedding Photographer and he like to advertise his wedding photography services in Singapore. Advertising Choices John’s First choice is ABC forum, ABC Forum is a popular ladies forum in Singapore. It has over 500,000 visits per month, visitors of different […]

How to start a Blog Shop business in Singapore

Are you looking for ways to start a blog shop in Singapore? Do you have what it takes to do this online business? Following are some questions You Need to Consider First: What exactly your market is targeting? How are you compared to other existing blog shops in Singapore? Is your shop going to be […]

Training: How to start a Blogshop in Singapore

WordPress was designed primarily to be used as a blogging platform, but with a few tweaks, it is commonly used these days as online shop to sell clothing, apparel, gifts and other products by many blogshop owners in Singapore. This is a two part training course for any entrepreneur that is keen to start a […]

Training: WordPress Basic Course

We provide  basic to intermediate wordpress training classes for anyone who is interested to start a blog or an online blog shop These training classes are conducted both in small classroom of 4 to 6 or customised based on your needs. Email us at [email protected] if you will like to attend our upcoming 2-3 days […]