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  • What is Targeted Digital Advertising?

    Targeted Digital Advertising is a type of online advertising  method adopted by HippoNetwork to reach a specific group of consumers based on various traits such as demographics,  behavioral variables, interest, motives etc.

  • Why is Targeted Digital Advertising more Effective?

    For example if you are a wedding photographer or a make up artist or simply someone that provides wedding services, the most effective place to advertise is on wedding websites than a general portal. Hipponetwork partners with over 30 over wedding sites in Singapore, Malaysia and other parts of Asia. Click Here to find out why Targeted Advertising is more Effective

  • How do we targeted the right audiences for you?

    We achieve that via our diverse network of special-interest-focused forum, marketplace, classifieds, blogs that focus on theme luxury handbags, Watches, Fashion, Wedding, Property and other special interest.

    With over 500,000 visits per month, Hipponetwork is one of the most visited network in Singapore, Malaysia and the rest of the world.

HippoNetwork is the exclusive advertising partner for over 100 social networking websites in Singapore, Malaysia and rest of Asia.

We believe in Targeted Digital Advertising by bringing the right audience to you through our diverse social networking sites.

Depending on the type of audience you wish to target: our audiences are segmented based on Age, Country, Gender, Special Interest, Purchasing Power, lifestyle etc.