Cheapest web hosting in Singapore (All less than SGD$10.00 per month)

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Below you will find the hosting company that provide web hosting service for less than $10.00 Singapore dollars. All hosting machine is based in Singapore so you get the speed you both uploading and downloading. What is more important, all plans featured below are per monthly basis. No string tied with 3 or 12 months contract only to realize that the hosting company sucks. Few things to take note not all hosting plans allow hosting of multiple domain so if you are looking at hosting multiple sites, look for those plans with unlimited domains and SQL.

Cheapest may not necessary be the best as some hosting company are fond of overselling, you will just have it test it out to know.

Hosting CompanyPlan NameDisk SpacePrices (SGD$)DomainMySQL Plan1 GB3UnlimitedUnlimited S2000L2 GB4UnlimitedUnlimited S2000L2 GB4UnlimitedUnlimited S2000L2 GB4UnlimitedUnlimited Plan2 GB4UnlimitedUnlimited Plan1 GB4.9513 Plan3 GB5UnlimitedUnlimited Plan4 GB6UnlimitedUnlimited MB65 S5000L5 GB7UnlimitedUnlimited S5000L5 GB7UnlimitedUnlimited S5000L5 GB7UnlimitedUnlimited MB815
http://www.downtownhost.comShared CopperUnlimited8.33UnlimitedUnlimited Hosting - Junior38.411 GB8.56 Plan2 GB9210 Gold UnlimitedUnlimited9.5UnlimitedUnlimited Standard2000 MB10UnlimitedUnlimited MB105 GB101Unlimited Linux 55 GB10UnlimitedUnlimited