Top Mobile App development companies in Singapore

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Creating a mobile app whether in IOS or Android platform is becoming more essential these days. For example if you want to hire a cab in Singapore, who doesn’t use the taxi cab that even show the exact location of your cab. Same thing if you are reading the news, you switch to news app from Channelnewsasia, CNN, CNBC etc. There are also banking apps provided by all major banks in Singapore like DBS, OCBC and UOB.

With more mobile users switching to using app then browser these days on their mobile phone, creating an app for your business is as important as creating a website which is mobile friendly. One of thing that an app can do that a mobile-friendly site cannot do is, app works even when it is offline.

If you are looking for a company that specialise in developing mobile apps for your company or website in Singapore. We have derived the following list based on searching the following two keywords :

“App development Singapore” (Rank #1) and “mobile application development companies in singapore”. (Rank #2)

Being popular on Google does not guaranteed good result, that explained why following are questions you should ask your app developed before engaging their service.

  • Please provide examples of mobile apps you’ve developed that are already published?
  • Who are the list of your current and past clients in Singapore?
  • How will we communicate during the development process? What are the milestones like?
  • Who will own the mobile app? The source codes?
  • Who owns the copyright?
  • How will you test my app?
  • Will you submit my mobile app to app stores?
  • What are your fees and payment terms based on the above milestone?
  • Do you have the skilled in-house resources to carry out a development project independently in Singapore?
  • Does the price include both backend and IU design?
  • What sort of backend are you using? Is it scalable for future?
  • Will you be using any mobile backend as a service (MBaaS) like Appcelerator,, Kinvey, Parse/Facebook, StackMob, and KidoZen? (more technical questions)
  • Will you be using Mobile app development platforms, such as RohMobile, PhoneGap, and Appcelerator? (more technical questions)
  • Where is your development team located? Singapore hopefully?
  • How do you manage updates? For example from IOS8 to IOS9 ? Will You Submit the App and Handle updates?
  • Which version of platform will be developing on? IOS8 or IOS5 and why?
  • How long is your warranty for bug fixing and update?
  • Are you a registered company in Singapore?
  • Where will your app be hosted? Who is paying?
CompanyRank #1Rank #2TelEmailWebsite
Rainmaker Labs 146684 7858 [email protected]
Codigo286455 9790  [email protected]
Singsys 316561 3900[email protected]
Omnitoons 496735 5157[email protected]
Square Fresco Solutions 526689 8016[email protected]
Singapore Apps7128118 7673[email protected]
Vinova 856707 3597[email protected]
Swag Soft10459623 4947[email protected]
Pixnplay 11136635 1766[email protected]
Replaid 1276NANA
LEAPP 1338601 6636[email protected]
Creative eWorld
14786392 2857 [email protected]
Massive Infinity15106270 0991N/A
buUuk 166747 1817[email protected]
2359 media17146222 2359[email protected]
Originally US LLP,18NA[email protected]
ORFEOSTORY206744 1123[email protected]
Yugene Lee21NAhello[@]yugenelee.com
Vidzure Mobile22866694 8114[email protected]
The Pinnacles24486382 2885[email protected]
SMB Global 256258 7976[email protected] 
Interactive286583 4712[email protected] 
iWorkz Innovations
296536 9562[email protected]
Moom Web Design30188399 1001[email protected]

316733 1231 [email protected]
Mashroom 35386659 2770[email protected]
App Guru366733 1231[email protected] 
Zoliotech37116492 8156[email protected]
Yp Chua39NA[email protected]
Fast Development Solution416749 0187NA
BST Holdings

42446570 3297[email protected]
Picclaim46289108 2061NA
Vortex Creation48376674 6571[email protected]
CreateApp506337 4521[email protected]
Digipen52746577 1900 [email protected]
Total eBiz Solutions
54426341 7741[email protected]
Inspireo Media 57956610 5957[email protected]
Nano586316 1911sales @ neseapl.comhttp://www.
Nu Apps596733 1231 [email protected] 
Solo Plus62236271 7958[email protected]
Mega Pixel Solutions LLP649723 4522 [email protected]
MB9 Innovation Trust Execution696570 0631[email protected]
Aternus Singapore71 9337 1192[email protected]
MEZMEDIA72NA[email protected]
WeesWares746275 5935  [email protected]
Niyati Technologies919452 3209 [email protected]
The Pragmatic Lab926602 8244[email protected]
Getting Real Software9480NANA
Wizer Studios97156336 5380[email protected]
AKIMI Technologies996589 8862[email protected]
Futureworkz166652 2446N/A
Ideaverse176714 6640[email protected]
App Development196733 1231[email protected]
Skylark209774 3836[email protected]
2 n 2 Multimedia216684 6770[email protected]
MediaPlus Digital 226966 3104[email protected]
Om Software246818 9771[email protected]
Extenxia2565213779 [email protected]
JankoSoft306966 3085 [email protected]
ANGLER Technologies SG 319389 2999[email protected]
Proctic 33NA[email protected]
Aspire Designs346100 2230 [email protected]
Credencys Solutions359025 7569[email protected]
Oswed 2 Design366100 0613[email protected]
inter8tiv studio419633 1883[email protected]
Balance Consultancy436438 2006[email protected]
Mobile Alliance50NA[email protected]
DROOTOO569800 2421[email protected]
NAZARTT (S) 596408 9637[email protected]
Ranosys Technologies . 716702 2132 [email protected]
Tagit726338 4824 [email protected]
Openwave Computing Singapore759459 4989[email protected]
Oasis Web Asia
838157 9012 [email protected]
Innovaz856334 6948 [email protected]
Web Synergies
876603 5160 [email protected] 
JS Infotech
886226 1007[email protected]
Azvic896636 8819NA
Opus Software Solutions906492 6783[email protected]
BaizeTech923158 0053 [email protected]
Forecepts946559 2400[email protected]
Galaxy e-Business 966100 0613 [email protected]
iCreationsLab 6269 9558[email protected]